I'm Dinuth Devinda.

UI/UX Engineer

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I'm Dinuth Devinda (DinDev)

Being a passionate enthusiast in creativitiy since childhood, I studied and graduated in Computer Science at NSBM University. I'm currently working as a full time UI/UX engineer.

Drawing, creating illustrations and photography keep me going even in my free times. Pencil drawings and mobile photography have always been my specialties and ones with which I love to spend my leisure time. I'm skilled in UI/UX designing through Illustration tools and front end developing as well.

I come up with various creative ideas whereas I explore my opportunities in the field of designing. What drives me to do so is, my motive to enhance my own skills and to motivate people who are interested in the field through my creations. In support of this I'm happy to give away anything you need to learn from my website for free.



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Drawing is a wellknown passion for me and thus, by thorough practice and inborn talent, it turned into my best asset so far. Portraits, human figures and realistic drawings are the areas I often get into contact with and clearly depict my drawing talents.


Web Design

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Web designing encompasses many different skills that are effective in guiding one's creativity in correct path. Using technology based on HTML, CSS and JAVA script I present various unique designs for web sites which I can ensure to meet the global trends.



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Photography allows you to create images of events,times and places. My interest in capturing the beauty of nature, candid moments of people and macro photography are undeniably the reasons why I turned towards mobile photography.



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When imagination strikes with creativity the output of an illustration is always extraoridnary. In illustrations I use adobe illustrator to accomplish goals in character designing and user interface designing which are highly creative and unique.




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